The filing of your bankruptcy papers should automatically stop any collection efforts once the creditor is notified. Most creditors know this and will stop collection efforts immediately. Unfortunately, it usually takes about thirty days for a creditor to get officially notified.

Occasionally, some creditors do not get the word or do get word and still try still try to go after more money than they are allowed to receive. If you are contacted, first check to be sure that creditor has been listed on your bankruptcy papers.

If they weren’t listed contact your attorney.  However, If they were listed, you do not have to talk to a creditor who contacts you. It is best to simply tell them you have filed Chapter 13 in Oregon, give them your case number and your attorney’s name. After that, politely tell them not to call you again and hang up the phone.  If they continue, tell them they are in violation of a court order and you want them to stop. Make sure to keep a log of all calls and forward it to your attorney for action.

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