We Are Committed To Helping You Resolve Your Debt Problems

At Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm, our Oregon bankruptcy lawyers are committed to helping individuals and families across Portland, Salem and Medford areas who are struggling with debt. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and find out how we can help address the following matters:

  • There are many large bankruptcy firms advertising services in the Portland, Salem and Medford areas. So why choose Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm?
  • There is credit. Whether you are considering bankruptcy to discharge your debt, or you have already filed for bankruptcy, you are probably concerned about your credit. We will help you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy at no additional cost.

When you make an appointment to meet with one of our bankruptcy lawyers to discuss your financial situation, we’ll discuss your options and determine the best way to resolve your debt problems. Find out how to prepare for your first appointment by visiting our pre-bankruptcy planning page.

Because every family faces different debt problems, we will discuss all of your options including:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Not everyone qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief. So, start by using our Means Test Estimator. If it looks like you qualify, you could be debt free in just a couple of months.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you are not eligible for Chapter 7 then, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the right choice for you. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to pay back a fraction of what you owe over time. It may also stop foreclosure and may allow you to retain your home, cars and other valuable possessions.

Bankruptcy alternatives

Often, when meeting with us, people learn that they do not need to file bankruptcy. We encourage our clients to consider non-bankruptcy options such as debt negotiation, loan modification and other ways to resolve debt problems.

Married Couples:

Many times, only one spouse is having debt problems. The good news is that the spouse responsible for the debt may be able to file bankruptcy without the other. We will help you to understand how bankruptcy for non-filing spouses works.

Facing home foreclosure? Worried about your car being repossessed? Are your wages being garnished? Bankruptcy may stop all of these things. Don’t wait! Find out how to stop a collection action as soon as TODAY by filing bankruptcy. Visit our emergency bankruptcy page.

Find out more about resolving your debt problems during a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer. Call Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm today.

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