Medical Debt Attorney in Portland

Medical debt is increasingly becoming a significant problem in America as more and more people are needing healthcare. More than half of all bankruptcies in the U.S. are caused by medical bills. If you are considering bankruptcy to help you with your overwhelming medical expenses, consider getting legal advice from an experienced medical debt bankruptcy attorney at a Portland bankruptcy law office first. 

Unpaid medical debt is more common than you think.

Some people in the United States are refusing to pay their medical bills to debt collectors because they simply cannot afford to do so. According to, a consumer financial education company, 50% of Americans now carry medical debt, up from 46% in 2020. Of these Americans, more than half (about 57%) owe at least $1,000 due to  diagnostic tests, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits, the survey showed.

And the problem is not limited to low-income households or uninsured consumers; those with stable salaries and health insurance can also be affected by this.

Get medical bill relief

medical debt attorney

Millions of Americans, including those who have health insurance, are unable to pay for a medical emergency regardless of their financial situation. Every year, medical bills that are unanticipated or uninsured push many families into financial ruin.