how much it costs to file bankruptcyCosts of Filing Bankruptcy

Economists like to say that people with few assets are “cost-sensitive,” because a few extra dollars on a co-pay may be the difference between going to the doctor and ignoring a health problem. Since cash is often scarce among bankruptcy debtors, they nearly always want to know how much it costs to file bankruptcy at their first appointment. Court filing fees are almost completely non-negotiable, although the court will consider a payment plan, in some circumstances.

The pre-filing window is also a good time to consider some other technical bankruptcy aspects, such as taking a required class and gathering required documents, so the process will run more smoothly once the voluntary petition is on file and you won’t have to scramble around to find financial paperwork.

How Much It Costs to File Bankruptcy at the Start

Bankruptcy filing fees are usually the same in both Washington and Oregon, since bankruptcy is a federal court procedure. As of December 1, 2016, the initial filing fees are:

  • $335 for a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy
  • $310 for a