How To Improve Your Credit Score After Filing Bankruptcy?

If your credit score is good prior to filing bankruptcy then it may drop a little after, but for most people, their credit score is already low and filing bankruptcy won’t change much. However, if re-establishing your credit after bankruptcy is your concern, our program is a proven way to a 700+ credit score in as little as 12 to 24 months after filing for bankruptcy.

You Could Be Debt Free With a 720 Credit Score

After filing bankruptcy, all of your unsecured debt could be wiped out, giving you a fresh start, debt free. Now, by participating in our credit repair program, you will learn:

  1. How credit utilization impacts your score
  2. How positive information will make creditors focus on your recent credit history instead of a past bankruptcy
  3. The types of accounts you need on your credit report, and how many
  4. The balance amount you should carry on any new cards
  5. How to remove damaging items from your credit report
  6. How to ensure your pre-filing debts are being reported correctly after bankruptcy

Most people achieve a 700+ credit score using this program i