We Are Committed to Finding You a Bankruptcy Payment Plan That Works

At Northwest Debt Relief, our bankruptcy lawyers are committed to finding a way to make bankruptcy filing an affordable goal. It’s not easy to summon the courage to call a bankruptcy law firm only to be told that nothing is going to be filed until you hand your attorney nearly $2000 that you don’t have.

Of course, there are many firms out there that will tell you that they have a payment plan for you, but in most cases, that means making payments until all the fees are paid off. Then and only then will the firm actually file your case with the court. In the meantime, your credit score continues to decline and you are left exposed to your creditors.

Unfortunately, the filing of the case is the only thing that will actually stop the bleeding and restart the clock with respect to restoring your credit. The filing of the case is what ends the calls, the lawsuits, the garnishments, and the foreclosures. A payment plan that does not provide for filing until all the fees are paid is really just a payment plan in name only. We offer something real.

Generally, our firm will file a Chapter 7 case after only the pre-file attorney fees are paid and take the rest in manageable monthly installments after your case is filed and you are safely under the protection of the bankruptcy court. Put another way, we collect only the pre-file attorney fees prior to filing and collect the post-file attorney fees in monthly installments after you safely under the protection of the court.

We collect a total of $500 for the pre-file attorney fees. Note: In the state of Washington, $100 of this amount is actually paid to the court for part of your filing fee. Once the $500 is paid, your case is filed and you are under the protection of the court.

If you elect to retain us to represent you once your case is filed, the post-file attorney fees are paid in 10 monthly installment payments of $150. This amount includes any remaining balance of the $335 court filing fee and the cost of either a single or joint credit report download that we complete at the time of filing.

You have options once your case is filed including representing yourself or retaining another attorney. Even If you did not choose either of these options and we had to file a motion to withdraw from your case, it is unlikely that a court would grant it until certain elements of your case were completed including representing you at your 341 hearing.

We are committed to helping you get a case filed quickly and efficiently. More than anything, we are committed to helping you get a real and meaningful fresh start. In addition to representing you through the bankruptcy process, our firm does a free credit report inspection after your case is done to make sure that every account is reflected properly. We also pay a company to provide educational help so that you can rebuild your credit score as quickly as possible.

We will even give you a $400 discount if you pay for everything upfront. What’s not to love?

Find out more about the bankruptcy services we provide. Contact Northwest Debt Relief today to schedule a free initial consultation. We will look forward to connecting you and helping you get out of debt.