Easy Payment Plan for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Money is tight even if you aren’t getting garnished. These days, in the midst of the Pandemic, most of us live from check to check, and coming up with the money to file bankruptcy can be difficult, to say the least. 

You have every reason to want to get your case filed as quickly as possible. There are probably a million reasons why this is so. Now more than ever. More than anything, the stress of living with debt shouldn’t have to go on any longer than absolutely necessary.

Most firms require all legal fees for the life of your case to be paid prior to the filing of your case with the bankruptcy court. In other words, they are collecting their attorney fees for all the work that they will be doing on your case from beginning to end. Nothing wrong with that, but we do it differently.

Some of our peer law firms have critiqued our payment plan options. We have determined, however, that the needs of our clients during devastating economic times must come first. To that end, we have set up payment plans that make quick filing a reality for our clients. We do not want you to be forced to wait forever and a day to get you under the protection of the court and start the process of rebuilding.

We can generally file your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case with only $450 paid towards your pre-file legal and filing fees. After your petition is filed, if you opt to have us complete your case, you pay the remainder of your attorney fees for our work completed after the initial filing, as well as the filing fee for the court and the cost of a credit report download in ten monthly payments of $150.

If you are currently facing garnishment or are at risk of a judgment being entered against you, we can often file your case with only the filing fee of $338 for the court paid upfront.

No need to keep getting garnished, or worrying about that potential lawsuit, or deal with those calls anymore. More than anything, no need to slow down the process of you getting a fresh start.

We will even give you at least a $200 discount off your attorney fees if you pay for all your attorney fees upfront. What’s not to love?

Find out more about the bankruptcy services we provide. Contact Northwest Debt Relief today to schedule a free initial consultation. We will look forward to connecting with you and helping you get out of debt. Set a phone or Zoom consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney today.

It cost even less upfront if you end up having to file Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings costs are only $390 upfront.

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