As any one in Oregon who has paid any attention to the headlines in recent years knows, student loan debt is just crippling the financial futures of our graduates and impairing the nation’s ability to fully recover.

Nationally, the total outstanding student loan balance is over trillion dollars and nearly twelve percent of it is in default. Not only does this represent the highest delinquency rate among all forms of debt, it’s the only one that’s been consistently rising since 2003.

If you think the student loan crisis is just affecting student loan borrowers, guess again. Every market in Oregon from real estate to cars has been hampered by the burden of student loans.

Our firm has for years offered solutions to Oregon student loan borrowers under the bankruptcy code, but we were only able to help some borrowers. We have now expanded our involvement in the emerging area of student loan law and are offering a variety of services to Oregon student loan borrowers.

If you are a recent graduate or a borrower in good standing, we can put together a detailed analysis of your student loan portfolio to establish your eligibility for income-sensitive repayment, consolidation, loan forgiveness and loan cancellation. We can also see your applications for consolidation and repayment through to completion. Finall