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Oregon Bankruptcy

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Oregon Bankruptcy Lawyer

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  • “I can’t afford to pay a bankruptcy attorney.”

  • Our bankruptcy attorney fees are affordable, and we offer an easy payment plan that will work for almost anyone.

  • “I work full-time and can’t take off time to meet with a bankruptcy Attorney.”

  • We have appointment times that are convenient for you including nights and weekends.

  • “I can’t drive a long distance to meet with a bankruptcy attorney.”

  • “It’s too late to file for bankruptcy, my wages are being garnished or my house is being foreclose on.”

  • “Bankruptcy will destroy my credit.”

  • Our bankruptcy attorneys work with you using our proven credit repair system. We will help you to improve your credit score and get you back on track to financial success.

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What Your Neighbors in Tacoma, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland & Salem Say About Our Bankruptcy Attorneys

I love the people at NW Debt Relief! Bankruptcy is a really stressful situation and to have knowledgeable and friendly people to help you is fantastic! I really want to give a big shout out to Alyssa and Shane for being there through out the whole process! Meagan is also very helpful. Tom and Aaron are great attorneys. I definitely recommend using this firm. They will help you get your life back. Thank you you guys are an amazing team!
  • Jessie
  • Bankruptcy Attorney Vancouver, WA
I highly recommend the entire NWDR law firm team. From start to finish they worked so hard to help me. Alyssa, Shane, and Melissa were awesome and I appreciated both attorneys assisting me through this scary process. I am so happy I chose this firm to handle my bankruptcy and would urge anyone getting ready to seek help, to contact these guys first! they are awesome!
  • Tammy D.
  • 5 Star Bankruptcy Firm
Everyone is great, knowledgeable and friendly. Tom and his paralegals, Melissa, , Megan , and Alyssa are super great people. Shane runs the office. He will be who you meet first as you enter the office. Shane is polite and courteous. He does his best to make one feel comfortable. I highly recommend Northwest Debt Relief for financial guidance. I don't mind driving the hour south to speak to anyone in the office. Thank you Tom and everyone for your help and professionalism. 
  • Katie
  • Debt Relief Law Firm
Filing bankruptcy was an extremely difficult decision. I never imagined I would find myself in that position, but sometimes life turns upside down. The staff at Northwest Debt Relief made the process as easy as possible under the circumstances, and were always compassionate. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs guidance in filing bankruptcy.
  • Janine C.
  • Bankruptcy Law Firm Portland

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Washington & Oregon Bankruptcy Information

Consumer Bankruptcy in Portland Oregon

There are several chapters in the bankruptcy code. Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13 are the most common. There’s also a Chapter 15, but this bankruptcy chapter mainly involves insolvency cases in foreign countries. [...]

File For Bankruptcy in Tacoma Washington?

Do I Need to File For Bankruptcy in Tacoma Washington? You do not always get a “yes” or “no” answer when you ask someone if you should file bankruptcy in Tacoma, Washington. More often, [...]

Is Bankruptcy Beneficial to Senior Citizens?

While bankruptcy often seems to be suggested as a way to stop harassment from collectors, if not totally eradicating one’s debts,  seniors and retirees should carefully consider their options thoroughly.  How much or how [...]

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