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Our Eugene bankruptcy law firm helps Oregon residents break free from their debts by filing bankruptcy in the Eugene, Oregon metro area. All our attorneys have lived and practiced law in Oregon for decades, and with more than twenty years of experience, our bankruptcy attorneys are knowledgeable about bankruptcy law. We only provide you with quality legal advice to make informed decisions that fit your needs. Let us help you regain financial stability. Our law firm is located in Portland and Salem, and Eugene.

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Reliable Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Oregonians for More Than Two Decades

At The Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm, we believe that getting you out of debt involves more than filing your bankruptcy case. That’s why every client receives a complete package of services, including:

Our bankruptcy attorneys at The Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm have helped countless Oregon residents deal with insurmountable debt. Our comprehensive debt solutions address your unique needs and expectations. Our law firm provides:

  • Free initial consultation with a bankruptcy attorney
  • Free collection letter review
  • Customized legal fees
  • Flexible payment plans
  • An immediate stop to creditor harassment
  • Secure assess your case information online
  • Aggressive court representation
  • Free credit reporting after bankruptcy

So if you want to break free from debts, or if you want to know more about bankruptcy, schedule a free consultation with our Eugene bankruptcy attorneys.

Our Eugene Bankruptcy Attorney Helps You Overcome Common Financial Obstacles

At The Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm, we believe everyone deserves a fresh start in life.

Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney Services

If you’re afraid that bankruptcy would be expensive, you can rest easy knowing that our bankruptcy attorneys provide affordable bankruptcy services and feasible payment plans.

Flexible Appointment Schedules

Our attorneys provide convenient appointment schedules that would fit your busy schedule.

Strategic Locations in Oregon

Our Oregon bankruptcy lawyers have offices in Salem, Medford, Portland, and Eugene, but we’ll gladly send a bankruptcy lawyer to you if you can’t come to any of our offices.

Stop Repossession and Wage Garnishment

It’s never too late to file bankruptcy! Our Eugene bankruptcy lawyers will help you stop foreclosures and garnishments in Oregon right away.

Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

At The Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm, we have a proven credit repair system to help you recover your credit scores after bankruptcy. We will help you get your financial health back on track!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Eugene, OR

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy helps you stop excessive phone calls from creditors, and they cannot take any legal action against you without permission from a bankruptcy judge. Also known as a “liquidation bankruptcy,’ Chapter 7 liquidates your assets so you can get a fresh start. However, you don’t have to worry about losing your assets because most bankruptcy filers get to keep their properties while getting free from their debts.

Keep Your Assets in Ch 7 Bankruptcy

Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is possible to keep your assets, such as your:

  • House
  • Car
  • Retirement account
  • Certain personal properties

Dischargeable Debts in Chapter 7

Certain debts are also dischargeable under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, including:

  • Credit card bills
  • Medical bills
  • Payday loans

Non-Dischargeable Debts in Chapter 7

However, some debts are non-dischargeable by law. This includes:

  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Criminal law penalties
  • Debts involving fraud

Are you thinking of filing Chapter 7 in Eugene, OR? Our Eugene bankruptcy attorney can determine if you’re qualified and prepare your bankruptcy petition so you can get a fresh start in Oregon.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Eugene, OR

Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps debtors repay their debts through a 3 to 5 year repayment plan. It gives debtors the means to catch up on their payments, and during this repayment period, debt collectors cannot take any legal action against you without the bankruptcy court’s permission.

Who is Qualified to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 is ideal for individuals behind on their secured debt payments but want to retain the collateral. To successfully file Chapter 13:

  • Your unsecured and secured debts must not exceed a certain amount.
  • You have not received a debt discharge under Chapter 7 in the last four years.
  • You have not received a debt discharge under Chapter 13 in the last two years.

What are the Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

  • Stopping a foreclosure
  • Discharge of debts not dischargeable under Chapter 7
  • Reinstate suspended license
  • Protect non-exempt assets
  • Debts incurred in a divorce

Are you thinking of filing Chapter 13 in Eugene, OR? Our Eugene bankruptcy attorney can determine your eligibility and prepare your bankruptcy petition so you can gain your financial freedom in Oregon.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene is a beautiful city in Oregon located near the Willamette River. Home to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History and Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, your eyes will find delight in different cultural artifacts. Your taste buds would also enjoy delicious delicacies and coffees from cafes and locally owned stores. There are also plenty of green spaces where you can relax.

Aside from these beautiful places, you will also find our reliable team of attorneys in Eugene, OR. Get the help you need to jumpstart your road to financial independence! Schedule a free consultation today or visit our law office in Eugene, Oregon.

Get Help Now From a Reliable Bankruptcy Attorney

Nobody wants to suffer financially. Whether you’re afraid of losing your home or family car, or you’re already facing wage garnishment in Eugene, Oregon, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, our Eugene bankruptcy attorney can surely help you find a debt solution that fits your current situation. Schedule a free consultation with our bankruptcy law firm, and we will help you meet your financial goals.

Get your bankruptcy questions answered here.

Success Stories

I love the people at NW Debt Relief! Bankruptcy is a really stressful situation and to have knowledgeable and friendly people to help you is fantastic! I really want to give a big shout out to Alyssa and Shane for being there through out the whole process! Meagan is also very helpful. Tom and Aaron are great attorneys. I definitely recommend using this firm. They will help you get your life back. Thank you you guys are an amazing team!
  • Jessie
  • Bankruptcy Attorney Vancouver, WA
I highly recommend the entire NWDR law firm team. From start to finish they worked so hard to help me. Alyssa, Shane, and Melissa were awesome and I appreciated both attorneys assisting me through this scary process. I am so happy I chose this firm to handle my bankruptcy and would urge anyone getting ready to seek help, to contact these guys first! they are awesome!
  • Tammy D.
  • 5 Star Bankruptcy Firm
Everyone is great, knowledgeable and friendly. Tom and his paralegals, Melissa, , Megan , and Alyssa are super great people. Shane runs the office. He will be who you meet first as you enter the office. Shane is polite and courteous. He does his best to make one feel comfortable. I highly recommend Northwest Debt Relief for financial guidance. I don't mind driving the hour south to speak to anyone in the office. Thank you Tom and everyone for your help and professionalism. 
  • Katie
  • Debt Relief Law Firm
Filing bankruptcy was an extremely difficult decision. I never imagined I would find myself in that position, but sometimes life turns upside down. The staff at Northwest Debt Relief made the process as easy as possible under the circumstances, and were always compassionate. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs guidance in filing bankruptcy.
  • Janine C.
  • Bankruptcy Law Firm Portland

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