Foreclosure Process

We understand how stressful the foreclosure process can be. Northwest Debt Relief has helped many people in your situation, and we can help you. Call us today to discuss your options.
Foreclosure is something that you rarely see coming. It often arises out of circumstances beyond your control like temporary unemployment, uninsured medical loss, on-the-job injuries, etc. Our experience is that most people want to keep their homes and find a way to get caught up on their payments. By filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you impose order on a chaotic situation and take your life back.
By filing Chapter 13, you stop the foreclosure process in its tracks and set up a manageable schedule for repayment or refinance, prioritize some debts for repayment and eliminate others so that nothing stands in the way of you keeping your house.
We are not suggesting that Chapter 13 is necessarily right for you. A careful review of your circumstances by one of our attorneys can determine what option is best. The earlier you call us, the better your chances are of keeping your home. Call me today.

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