Filing an Emergency Bankruptcy in Oregon

If you wish to file a bankruptcy petition in Oregon, there are a number of forms that you are required to file with the bankruptcy court. Assembling all of the information and filling out the forms can take a great deal of time. If you are facing an emergency, such as a wage garnishment or home foreclosure, you can file just a few of those forms to get the case started– this is often called to as an emergency bankruptcy filing.

Why File an Emergency Bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, the automatic stay kicks in. The automatic stay prohibits most creditors from continuing collection actions against you. If you are behind on your car payments or mortgage payments and you file for bankruptcy, the car loan lender won’t be able to repossess your vehicle and your mortgage company will not be able to foreclose, at least temporarily. There are limits and exceptions to the automatic stay. You should contact one of our experienced Portland OR emergency bankruptcy attorneys. Our Portland OR emergency bankruptcy lawyer will take the time to listen to your concerns and discuss the possibility of filing an emergency bankruptcy for you.

The automatic stay kicks in right away when you file the minimum forms required in an emergency bankruptcy. That way, your property is protected and you have more time to complete and file the rest of the forms.

Before You File the Emergency Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy law requires you to take a court-approved credit counseling class unless you are disabled, physically impaired to the extent that you