Bankruptcy Can Erase Medical Bills

Maybe the saddest thing we see when we meet with clients is misplaced guilt for filing bankruptcy. Nowhere is this more true than with clients who are forced into bankruptcy for medical debt. This isn’t debt that you asked for and you don’t need to feel guilty about seeking help to cope with it.

The reality is that medical debt almost always takes you by surprise and it is completely beyond your control. The whole reason why the bankruptcy code was put in place was to help people in exactly your situation.

Even where our clients have a mixture of debt, it’s often the medical debt that made it financially impossible to catch up. Because medical debt is often accompanied by lost or diminished wages, getting caught up is often nearly impossible. All too often the true extent of medical debt is masked because it is carried on credit cards.

Unfortunately, it’s the medical debt that often makes you feel the worst. Medical collectors are arguably the most aggressive and, at times, offensive collectors in the industry.

Don’t wait, get help with your medical bills now. The important thing to remember is that you have options. At Northwest Debt Relief we always believe in second chances and most of all when you come to us with medical debt.

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