Meeting of the Creditors

meeting of the creditorsAll bankruptcy filers must attend a Meeting of the Creditors roughly 30 days after their cases are filed. Once a case is filed our office works with our clients to put together all the documents that the bankruptcy trustee will need in order to conduct a meaningfully review of their cases at the hearing.

Really more than anything the Trustee just needs to verify whether you qualify for Chapter 7. He also needs to verify whether there are any assets that he can pursue. As long as you have divulged all your assets and income prior to filing and disclosed any transfers that may have occurred in the two years prior to your case filing, there really is not a whole lot to worry about. However, the unknown is almost always a little nerve racking.

As time goes on and the hearing approaches, many of our clients get a little nervous. The link below was actually produced by the Oregon Bankruptcy Court to give bankruptcy filers a good idea of what to expect at their hearings. Though it was produced by the Oregon Bankruptcy Court, the content contained is equally applicable to a Washington hearing. If you click the link, you will be taken to the Oregon Bankruptcy Court’s web site. The link for the page can be found about half way down the middle of the page  I believe that if you watch the video, you will not lose any sleep the night before your hearing. Enjoy!


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