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Can You Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy?

The answer is a resounding yes and it can be done in pretty short order. We used to assume that just eliminating your debts would be enough. But a few years ago, we realized that we needed to take a more holistic approach. Our debt recovery lawyer at Northwest Debt Relief knows that it’s not enough to just move items from column A to Column B.

Rebuild Your Credit With Credit Education

We believe that what you are really looking for is a return to the financial mainstream. The elimination of your debts in definitely a great step in that direction. However, more is often required to really get into the game. Specifically, what you need after you have eliminated all your debts is a real road map to establishing a great credit score.

This is why Northwest Debt Relief has partnered with an innovative company called 720 Credit Score to show you, in a step-by-step format, exactly how to do that. This is not just general advice, but a program that offers a solid credit education. A way to understand the mysterious math that makes up your credit score. It doesn’t have to be a secret code!

We have seen that our clients who follow the program can generally expect their scores climb to 720 or better within eighteen months after filing bankruptcy. The reality is that your score will likely rebound greatly after filing without the course. But we say why not stack the deck in your favor, particularly when the course is free.

We hope this offer will inspire people who are on the fence about filing for this reason to stop worrying about how they will come back from bankruptcy and start the process of rehabilitating their credit immediately.

What You Can Learn With the 720 Credit Score Program

With the 720 program, you will learn, among other concepts:

  • What type of positive information will overwhelm the credit bureaus and make creditors pay attention to your recent credit history, rather than your past bankruptcy
  • What a utilization rate is and how it impacts your credit score
  • Which kinds of accounts you should have on your credit report, and how many
  • How to go about eliminating derogatory items, and how to make sure that your pre-filing debts are being reported correctly after bankruptcy
  • What balances you should carry on any new card

Good credit not only allows you to do things, like finance cars and houses or get a new apartment, it often allows you to save a great deal of money when you do them, through reasonable and fair interest rates. Good credit will likely save you thousands, of dollars. It is just as important to us that your financial recovery is complete as it is to you. To make that recovery a reality, we searched for a credit rehabilitation program that would actually help clients reach their future financial goals. We believe that we have succeeded.

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We believe so strongly in our holistic approach to bankruptcy that we are not only offering the program for free to all of our new clients but to anyone who has retained us in the past. The reality is that in Oregon, there is simply no faster way to build credit after a bankruptcy than through filing your bankruptcy case with a debt recovery lawyer at Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm.

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