Bringing the Law Office to You

//Bringing the Law Office to You
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Bringing the Law Office to You

Sometimes time and geography can be the obstacles that can keep you from every getting the bankruptcy process started. You know you need to file, but you work, you have kids and, well, I-5 really anywhere in Oregon or Washington on a Monday? We get it: The bankruptcy consultation needs to happen, just not today.

We know that it can be hard to find the time to come in so we have started taking advantage of the technology that is available to all of us these days. If you can’t come in to our offices on a Tuesday afternoon for a consultation, why not do a Skype bankruptcy consultation in your living room on a Sunday afternoon, or on your work computer?

Phone and in person bankruptcy consultations are obviously available as well, but there is something to having the best of both worlds: The chance both to meet in person with an experienced attorney to discuss your situation and to be able to put a face to a name, but with none of the traffic or timing issues.

The only challenge on your end is making sure that you have a decent internet connection. What about completing a client services agreement or the paperwork afterward? We have it covered and you can do it all online afterwards without printing a single document.

We look forward to seeing you on late Sunday morning at your kitchen table. More than anything, we look forward to helping you get out of debt in such a way that you have a meaningful fresh start.

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