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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Tools for Your Home Mortgage

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy tools gives you options to help you manage your home mortgage. Chapter 13 involves a flexible payment plan that’s especially helpful with debts you can’t write off, or “discharge.” It can be much better if you own income taxes, child or spousal support, or student loans, for example. Chapter 13 can [...]


Why Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy May Be a Better Option for You

Circumstances May Favor Chapter 13 over Chapter 7 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy May Be a Better Option and is a form of consumer bankruptcy that requires some form of repayment to creditors over a three to five year period. Most consumers that we meet in our Oregon and Washington offices  come in believing that Chapter 13 is [...]


Saving Your Home With a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Washington

Chapter 13 is famous for two things. Saving Your Home and Being Complicated. Saving Your Home With a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be a very tedious process and here are some of the situations below. In the short term, Chapter 13 can stop foreclosures and other creditor actions (much like a Chapter 7). However, unlike a [...]


Myths of Filing for Bankruptcy in Portland Oregon

Chances are that you have heard many of the myths  of filing for Bankruptcy and half-truths floating around concerning the bankruptcy process in Oregon. One of the misconceptions we encounter most frequently concerns eligibility for the Chapter 13 process. Here at Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm, we believe that there is a best-case debt relief [...]


How Can an Portland Bankruptcy Attorney Help You?

When deciding to file bankruptcy, Portland residents should consider several factors, including which type of bankruptcy petition to file, when to file it for maximum protection from creditors and how much of your property you can keep. Finding the appropriate Portland Bankruptcy Attorney can make the difference of having a smooth filing or the opposite. [...]


Oregon, Bankruptcy and Marijuana

So you were in the marijuana business or worked in it and things didn’t work out. Now you are thinking about filing bankruptcy and wonder what effect, if any, your former business or employer is going to have on you.  As bizarre as it might sound to anyone living in Portland or Salem where dispensaries have [...]


What to Do with Taxes that Bankruptcy won’t Discharge without Repayment?

Some taxes don’t qualify for bankruptcy discharge. Most often this is because they were due less than three years ago or were filed less than two years ago. Many of our potential bankruptcy clients worry about a big tax bill after bankruptcy, particularly clients with large balances owing to the Oregon Department of Revenue.  Certainly [...]


Taxes Are A Big Concern For Bankruptcy Filers in Oregon

While taxes are a big concern for bankruptcy filers nationwide, it is a particularly pressing issue for Oregonians. This is so because in addition to taxes that might be due and owing to the IRS, Oregonians have to worry about taxes owed to the Oregon Department of Revenue.  While the IRS is always fairly reasonable [...]



Generally, bankruptcy itself will have not have any impact on your ability to obtain or maintain a security clearance. If you think about it, bankruptcy really should make you less of a security risk. Filling out the security clearance application form, requires you to fully disclose your financial life in great detail. If you are [...]

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