You don’t need to live life in fear of creditors…

Whether due to job loss, illness, divorce or wages that simply do not keep up with increased cost of living, consumers across both Oregon and Washington continue to find themselves in financial distress. Our Portland bankruptcy attorney team is ready to help.

Constant phone calls, lawsuits, judgments, wage and bank account garnishment, calls at work that can threaten your job security, foreclosure and eviction are all problems that people in Oregon and Washington face when overwhelmed with unmanageable debt.

That’s why when you hire us you’ll get fast, effective solutions from an experienced and caring Portland bankruptcy attorney. With offices in Portland, Vancouver, Seattle and Salem, we serve clients across both Oregon and Washington. We not only file petitions for relief under the bankruptcy code, but sue abusive collectors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and defend consumers in collection matters.

We are likely the only bankruptcy law firm in either the Portland or Salem area with an ‘A+’ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are also probably the only firm offering meaningful payment plans that allow you to pay most of your attorney fees after filing. Finally, I don’t know of another Portland bankruptcy attorney firm that actually provides its clients with the tools and materials needed to build up their credit scores after bankruptcy. Call us today.


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Pay most of your fees after your case is filed!

We offer all our clients the ability to pay some portion of their attorney fees prior to filing and most of them afterwards in manageable monthly payments. We do not believe that there is another bankruptcy firm in the Portland, Vancouver, Seattle or Salem metro areas offering this kind of payment plan.

Take the first step. Speak to one of our Portland, Salem, Seattle or Vancouver bankruptcy lawyers today, and learn more. Contact us to get your bankruptcy law questions answered by an experienced Portland bankruptcy attorney with a deep understanding of the problems you’re facing.

If you’d like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in either the Portland, Salem, Seattle or Vancouver Bankruptcy Law Offices, you can set it up on this web site, or call us directly at any of our Oregon or Washington office contact numbers. We look forward to hearing from you.offices in both Portland and Salem, Oregon as well as in both Seattle and Vancouver, Washington.

We make it easy to get a fresh start!

When you hire The Northwest Debt Relief Firm, you’ll always be represented by a qualified, experienced bankruptcy attorney who understands your problems and can help you find the right solution. You won’t meet with a paralegal, you won’t have to fill out long client packets, and you won’t wait for weeks until an appointment becomes available.

Whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is right for you, we can help you get a fresh start and get your personal finances back on track. You’ll get an honest opinion from a bankruptcy lawyer with years of experience. The telephone calls at home and at work will stop immediately – and if they don’t, we’ll help you fight back against abusive debt collectors. You will be represented in court by one of our Oregon or Washington bankruptcy attorneys, and you’ll be prepared for the bankruptcy process to avoid any problems. And once your case is finished, we’ll work with you to help re-build your credit immediately.

Our Commitment to You

The attorneys of Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm are committed to helping people throughout both Oregon and Washington get out of debt, including, where appropriate, filing petitions for relief in the United States Bankruptcy Courts.

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I formed Northwest Debt Relief Firm to help people file bankruptcy as painlessly as possible, and to help them make the smart decisions. Read more
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