You will want to make sure that your creditors will know who exactly who you are when they receive notice of your bankruptcy filing. To that end, If you have been known by any other name at all in the last eight years, you will want to make sure that your bankruptcy attorney lists that name as well.

If you’ve operated a business as a sole proprietor during the previous eight years, include your trade name (fictitious or assumed business name) preceded by “dba” for “doing business as.” But don’t include minor variations in spelling or form. Of course this additional name stuff can be taken too far: If your name is Thomas Adams McAvity, you don’t have to put down that you’re sometimes known as Tom McAvity But if you’ve used the pseudonym T.A. McAvity, you should list it.

If you’re uncertain, list any name that you think you might have given to a creditor. Do the same for your spouse if you are filing together.