Can Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help with Income Tax Debt?

Discharge Your Other Debts So You Can Pay Your Taxes Ask yourself this one crucial question: if you filed a Chapter 7 case and discharged all or most of your non-tax debts, would that leave you with enough monthly cash flow to enable you to reliably make large enough monthly payments to the IRS/state on [...]


What is an Automatic Stay and How It Can Benefit You

An Automatic Stay is when you file a bankruptcy case creating one of the most powerful tools in bankruptcy—the “automatic stay.” This protective order automatically goes into effect the instant Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm files your case at the bankruptcy court and “stays”—which means stops—all collection activity against you and anything you own. [...]


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Tools for Your Home Mortgage

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy tools gives you options to help you manage your home mortgage. Chapter 13 involves a flexible payment plan that’s especially helpful with debts you can’t write off, or “discharge.” It can be much better if you own income taxes, child or spousal support, or student loans, for example. Chapter 13 can [...]


Does Bankruptcy Write Off Criminal Fines or Restitution?

Does Bankruptcy Write Off Criminal Fines or Restitution? Bankruptcy does not write off criminal fines or restitution. The “automatic stay,” which stops almost all other collection actions, does not stop any criminal court proceedings. There is a big division in the law is between criminal and civil matters. Criminal law is just one relatively [...]


Should Divorcing Spouses File a Chapter 7 Together?

Divorcing Spouses File a Chapter 7? A “joint case” is one filed “by an individual… and such individual’s spouse.” “Spouse” is not defined in the Bankruptcy Code, but presumably refers to someone who is legally married to the “individual.” So, if you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, you CAN file a Chapter 7 [...]


Who Needs Credit Counseling and Post-Bankruptcy Debtor Education?

Credit counseling and post-bankruptcy debtor education courses must be taken by every individual that files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, with few exceptions.   PRE-BANKRUPTCY CREDIT COUNSELING The pre-bankruptcy credit counseling class includes information on credit counseling opportunities and provides assistance in performing a budget analysis. This consumer bankruptcy counseling is an [...]


Co-Signing Private Student Loans

We get it. You want to Co-Signing Private Student Loans or feel like you should anyway. After all, you want to help anyone in your family get an education and it’s just co-signing. If they make all the payments, everything will be fine. The reality is that co-signing these loans can put you in [...]


How Can I Be Responsible For Ex-Spouse Debts After Divorce?

When going through a divorce, you can be left with different types of obligations. The most common is a domestic support obligation, such as child support or alimony, but you can also be made responsible for your spouse’s separate debts after divorce, usually as part of the property division. For example, the wife gets [...]


Bad Faith and Power of Homestead Exemptions Under Bankruptcy Laws

One of the benefits of the federal bankruptcy laws is a well-known exemption to the liquidation of assets. This exemption is known as the homestead exemptions, and under Washington law can help someone struggling through a bankruptcy emerge from the process with a small win. Under the Washington exemption system, homeowners may exempt up [...]


Keeping Your Refund in a Washington Bankruptcy

Tax time has come again and many Seattle and Tacoma area bankruptcy filers are wondering whether they are going to be able to eliminate their debt and still keep their tax refund.  Thankfully, the answer is generally yes and here is Keeping Your Refund in a Washington Bankruptcy is always a plus. Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers are [...]


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