Bend, Oregon Bankruptcy

//Bend, Oregon Bankruptcy

Bend, Oregon Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Firm In Bend Oregon

Bend Oregon BankruptcyI am pleased to report that our Bankruptcy Law Firm will soon be opening up an office in Bend, Oregon in order to serve the needs of a growing segment of our practice. While it looks like it will take at least a month or so before we are able to open our Bend, Oregon Bankruptcy Law Office, I am extremely happy to report that we will soon be able to offer Bend area consumers a few things that local attorneys are not currently offering.

First, we will be offering real payment plans where most attorney fees and all filing fees can be paid in installments after their cases are filed. Second, we will be offering credit repair education for free to all of our Bend area clients. Finally, we will be offering non-bankruptcy services such as debt defense and pursuing collectors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.






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