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Attorney Tom McAvity – July 2016 Interview

Katherine: Hello, everyone. Tom McAvity, I'm messing it up. Last time I did so fine. Tom: That's it. No, you nailed it. You nailed it. Katherine: Say it again. You say it and then I'm going to say it right after you. Tom: McAvity. Katherine: McAvity. Oh, I did. Tom: Yeah, you did. [...]


Attorney Tom McAvity – June 2016 Interview

Katherine: Attorney McAvity? You're going to help me with your name. We're going to practice this again. Attorney McAvity. Tom: I'll try. I'll try. Katherine: Is here today to answer questions about bankruptcy. He's given me a little grace on his last name here. He's going to spend some of the next several [...]


Foreclosure Mediation Program for Oregon Debtors

An Oregon foreclosure mediation program has undeniably helped many debtors find a way to stay in their homes. The program provides Oregonians with a chance to meet with lenders in order to find ways avoid a foreclosure. The latest data from the Oregon Department of Justice show that since the program's inception, more than 1,700 Oregonians have used it [...]


Banks Agree to Report Debts as Discharged in Bankruptcy

  Two of the largest banks, Chase and Bank of America, have finally agreed to update consumers' credit reports within the next three months to properly depict debts as being discharged in bankruptcy. This long overdue move is a win for Oregon debtors whose have been living with inaccurate credit reports, sometimes for years after [...]


Peter McKittrick Appointed Judge of U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Oregon

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has appointed of Portland attorney Peter C. McKittrick as a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the District of Oregon. Mr. McKittrick will fill a vacancy left in the wake the retirement of Bankruptcy Judge Elizabeth L. Perris. Mr. McKittrick is currently a partner with the Portland law firm of McKittrick [...]


Tacoma Bankruptcy Lawyer Office

I am pleased to report that after our bankruptcy law firm's successful expansion to Seattle, we are now opening a bankruptcy law office in Tacoma, WA to serve the needs of consumers in Pierce County. We have launched a Tacoma bankruptcy website which can be found at Tacoma Bankruptcy Attorney 201 [...]


Who's Going to Find Out About My Oregon Bankruptcy Filing?

Many prospective bankruptcy filers in Oregon are understandably concerned about the privacy of their filing. At least once or twice a year someone chooses to come in for a consultation with our firm because we have offices in four different cities. I guess the thought is I can meet these guys in Portland where I [...]


What Will Happen to the Oregon and Washington Bankruptcy Courts?

Potential bankruptcy filers in Washington and Oregon are concerned about the potential effect of the government shutdown are their cases. While the courts are open for the time being, at least through October 15th anyway, and likely will remain open throughout the shutdown in a limited capacity. It seems likely that temporary cost cutting changes [...]


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