Clients often worry about whether they will be able to open or even keep bank accounts while their bankruptcy is pending, or even after their bankruptcy is closed.  In both Washington and Oregon, there are no bankruptcy laws that would prevent you from opening or keeping a bank account.  There may, however, be some issues to resolve

If you are in the process of getting your case ready for filing and have a bank account with a bank or credit union that has also loaned you money, you may want to open an account at an institution to which you are not in debt.  This is so because banks and credit unions generally have the right to set off the money you are holding in your account against the debt that you owe them.  Even if you are current, the money in your account may be used as collateral for the debt.  Granted not all institutions follow this practice, but it is often impossible to determine which ones will. In Both Washington and Oregon, credit unions are the lenders most likely seize funds held  in accounts. Credit unions will often seize funds deposited after filing so watch out.




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