You Have A Right to Sue Abusive Debt Collectors

When it comes to consumers in both Oregon and Washington, debt collectors frequently cross the line. The reality is that debt collectors are obligated to treat you with truth, fairness, dignity, and respect. Period. Any debt collector who crosses the line and abuses you for the collection of a consumer debt can be sued in federal court for damages under a law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Again, any conduct that is dishonest, unfair, undignified, or disrespectful violates your rights under the law and entitles you to damages. If your common sense tells you that what the debt collector did was not honest, fair, dignified, and respectful, it was probably a violation.

Our firm sues abusive debt collectors for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. With offices in Portland , Vancouver,  Salem, Seattle and Tacoma we are set up to help consumers across both Oregon and Washington.

Debt Collectors Are Prohibited From Doing Lots of Things

  • Threatening lawsuits, liens, garnishment or arrest for not paying a bill
  • Calling your friends, family, neighbors or employers to collect a debt
  • Insulting, yelling or swearing at you
  • Leaving abusive phone messages
  • Calling your workplace after telling the collector not to call you there
  • Threatening, lying or otherwise harassing you in any way

If you have suffered from any of these abusive bill collection practices, you may be entitled to compensation under federal law as well as under either Oregon or Washington consumer law statutes. We can help any consumer who is currently in collections, or has suffered from collection harassment. Call us today at (503) 232-5303 or (206) 674-4559 to speak with an attorney and get a free phone consultation on your case. We can meet with you at any one of our four office locations in both Portland and Salem, Oregon and both Vancouver and Seattle, Washington.

Important Steps You Can Take To Help Your Case

  1. Save copies of all letters and notices from collection agencies.
  2. Save all phone messages and voice mails- this is extremely important!
  3. Make note of your conversations with these bill collectors.
  4. Call our offices to help you recover your damages.

There Are No Fees In Your Case Unless We Win

Debt collectors will try to trick, bully, annoy, or harass you into making payments on a debt. They count on Oregon and Washington consumers not knowing their rights. We can help you fight back. If a debt collector violates your rights, we can pursue a lawsuit on your behalf in which you can make the collector pay you a minimum penalty of up to $1,000, plus additional compensation for any actual damages that you suffered. These damages can be substantial. We will charge you no fee unless we win your case. We will even pay the filing fee to the court to get your case going so that money isn’t an obstacle to making things right. Contact us today to discuss pursuing a case against the collectors that are abusing you.

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