When it come to bankruptcy fee quotes  and prices for Oregon and Washington consumers, Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm has for years now offered two pricing concepts that the other bankruptcy firms leave out.

First, we offer certainty. Call us up and we will tell you exactly what you will pay. While our Portland and Salem, Oregon and our Seattle and Vancouver, Washington offices are all in convenient locations, there is just no need to brave rush hour traffic or give up half your Saturday just to get the information that you need. Our experience is that the bankruptcy firms that won’t immediately tell you what they charge probably have something to hide, namely high prices.

Second, we offer real bankruptcy payment plans. You will see many other firms saying that they offer them, but they are always payment plans in name only. The usual arrangement is that you gradually pay all of your fees and then they file your case. Hard to believe that this kind of arrangement is some kind of favor to you. These bankruptcy installment payment plans are really more like the old lay-away plans where you keep dropping off money and six months to a year later once you have handed over well over a thousand dollars in cash they actually do something for you.

What we offer is a real payment plan where you pay part of your attorney fees prior to filing and then once your bankruptcy case  is actually filed, you start paying the rest of your attorney fees as well as your filing fee for the court in seven monthly installments. Now that’s a payment plan! We take the lowest amount up front that the bankruptcy court will allow prior to filing. Moreover, we make it so that you don’t get needlessly garnished or harassed by getting you under the protection of the bankruptcy court as quickly as legally possible. We even offer a discount if you decide you don’t want to do a payment plan and would rather pay all the fees up front.

I will look forward to hearing from you and addressing all of your bankruptcy pricing questions immediately.