Once you opt to surrender you home in your Oregon Bankruptcy, you will probably want to stay in the house for as long as you can. All too often we have seen Oregon Bankruptcy clients move out of homes in bankruptcy, thinking the foreclosure would soon follow. But lenders often change course. The rapid foreclosure that was on track for sale prior to the bankruptcy may now languish for months and sometimes years on end. So why not stay in the house for as long as you can. Moreover, if you live in a condo, HOA fees start to accrue after your case until the foreclosure is completed, so why not get something for your money.

Once the foreclosure sale is completed, it’s time to contact the lender to make a “cash for keys” deal. Fulfilling your end of this deal may enable you to walk away with several thousand dollars to secure your first rental. Make sure the bank puts your deal in writing. The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers free counseling to help you negotiate and evaluate cash for keys offers.  Take advantage of this service.

The downside is that these deals usually require that you leave the house in “broom clean” condition. You must treat your move out as you would if you were moving out of an apartment and were looking to get your deposit back. You really need to remove all furniture and clean up the home. You also must turn in all house keys and garage door openers or remotes. The bank will normally inspect the home after you move out.

If you have any questions about whether to stay in the house after bankruptcy, please give us a call. Remember that surrendering your home in bankruptcy will eliminate your personal liability, but the bank will still need to go through the foreclosure process. You will still get notices in the mail regarding the foreclosure.


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