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Credit Card Debt: Avoid These Mistakes

Credit cards are convenient, readily available and almost frighteningly easy to use. Put those qualities together, and they can also be extremely dangerous. Credit cards are the financial equivalent to a loaded gun. In the hands of someone experienced, knowledgeable and with a cool head, they are quite safe and occasionally necessary. But if [...]


Statute of Limitations on Credit Card Debt in Oregon

Oregonians have a newly founded disadvantage in recovering from their credit card debt. Instead of applying the 3-year statute of limitations on credit card debt from creditors based in states with a 3-year statute of limitations, the Oregon Court of Appeals extended the debt law to Oregon’s own 6-year statute of limitations, effectively giving all [...]


Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt in Bankruptcy

In both Oregon and Washington, credit card debt is just about the easiest form of debt to discharge in bankruptcy. Occasionally though a credit card lender will file an action against the debtor in the bankruptcy court in order to dispute the discharge of credit card balance. The creditor may assert that some part or [...]