Pay Post-File Attorney Fees After Filing

Money is tight even if you aren’t getting garnished. Most of us live from check to check and coming up with the money to file bankruptcy can be a difficult proposition.

You have every reason to want to get your case filed as quickly as possible. There are a probably a million reasons why this is so. More than anything, the stress of living with debt shouldn’t have to go on any longer than absolutely necessary.

Most firms require all legal fees for the life of your case to be paid prior to the filing of your case with the bankruptcy court. In other words, they are collecting their attorney fees for the work done both pre-filing and the work that they will be doing after your case is filed before the case is filed with the court. Nothing wrong with that, but we do it differently.

At Northwest Debt Relief, we have set up our fee structure to make filing quickly a reality for our clients. We don’t want you waiting forever and a day to get your case filed. We try to collect only the fees for our work completed prior to filing before filing your petition with the court. We do it that way so you can get under the protection of the bankruptcy court as quickly as possible.

Once your case is filed, you can arrange to pay for your “post-file attorney fees” in easy monthly installments. You can even wait to start paying for that work once you have actually receive a discharge from the bankruptcy court. Can’t beat that.

No need to keep getting garnished, or worrying about that potential lawsuit, or deal with those calls anymore. More than anything, no need to use a law firm that is going to slow down the process of you getting a fresh start.

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