I am sure that in both Oregon and Washington anyway, there are still people who think of bankruptcy as the last refuge of the poor, something that you opt for when your income hits rock bottom such that you can no longer service any of your debt, but Who Files Bankruptcy in Oregon and Washington?

The reality is that in Washington and Oregon, bankruptcy is largely used by middle-income earners. In fact, the median income for bankruptcy filers is roughly $43,000, which is only $6,000 less than the national median. Nationally, bankruptcy filers are actually more likely to be employed than the rest of the population and more likely to be employed full-time.

Bankruptcy filers are also more likely to be veterans and less likely to be immigrants. One frightening common thread among bankruptcy filers is medical debt. One study has shown that medical debt is present in roughly sixty-percent of all bankruptcy filings. Moreover, nearly eighty percent of the bankruptcy filers who had medical debt actually had insurance. All told, over 1.6 million people with medical debt will file bankruptcy this year.

Frightening stuff. Bankruptcy isn’t really something that happens to someone else in another neighborhood because they messed up. It’s more likely your next-door neighbor who has worked the same job for years who got sick, missed a little bit of work and fell behind.

The fact is that most of us are just one or two missed paychecks away from having to file. What’s sad is that people too often blame themselves for the necessity of bankruptcy when the truth is that filing is most often beyond their control.

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