Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you should stop making payments in your Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Many attorneys, including myself, will often have to tell clients that their plans will last for at least 36 but might go as long as 60 months. The question then becomes how will I know when to stop making payments?

The answer is that you or your employer should continue making payments until your Oregon Chapter 13 Trustee expressly informs you to stop doing so.

It can at times be difficult to predict the exact length of your plan of when it is filed. Often turnover of tax refunds during your case can shorten the length of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan. Modifications of your Plan after confirmation can often lengthen it. What your bankruptcy attorney should be able to answer with certainty at the time of filing is the minimum length of the plan. You should ask your bankruptcy attorney whether you are below or above the median. That answer will tell you whether you must continue payments for a minimum of 36 months or whether you must continue for the full 60 months.


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