Things to Watch Out For When It Comes to Bullying Debt Collectors

Debt collectors can take their jobs a little too seriously at times. There have been actual cases where they have gone to extreme means in order to collect. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) takes this issue very seriously. Unfortunately, some debt collectors are nothing more than bullies. Here are just a few of things to watch out for:


You wouldn’t think harassment would be an issue, but, unfortunately, it is. People are threatened by debt collectors on a daily basis, and some take it much further than others. Using threats to harm you or to cause violence is one of the worst offenses debt collectors can make. They can’t make constant calls to you for the sole purpose of bullying you, and they can’t use profanity.

Giving false information

A bill collector can’t call you and knowingly give you any type of false information. For example, one common tactic is to tell you they are suing you or garnishing your paycheck when they know they aren’t, especially if it’s a small amount, such as under $500. Some have even been known to tell consumers that they will be arrested if they don’t pay their debt. Misrepresenting themselves as an attorney is also a common mistake made often by bill collectors.

Using unfair practices

Bill collectors can’t engage in any unfair practices, and they are regulated closely for this. For example, they can’t charge you too many fees, such as extra interest. Some of these laws will depend on the state in which you live. What may be the most common unfair practice? They will make arrangements with you by postdating a check, but then depositing it early.

A recent article in The Sacramento Bee gives some great examples of how debtors hired an attorney and sued bill collectors under the FDCPA. These types of claims are on the rise and you need to be aware of your rights.

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