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Bankruptcy Relief For Eviction in Oregon and Washington

For many consumers in both Oregon and Washington, an upcoming eviction often represents the last straw in coping with creditors prior to filing bankruptcy. Thankfully a bankruptcy filing will stop a residential eviction for non-payment of rent in its tracks If the landlord does not already have a judgment against a tenant before the bankruptcy [...]


United States Trustee Ends Random Audits For Oregon and Washington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

Due to severe budgetary constraints, the United States Trustee is no longer designating bankruptcy cases for random audits. Bankruptcy attorneys across both Oregon and Washington who had to cope with the burdensome audit requirements aslong with their clients are now breathing a heavy sigh of relief Ever since the enactment of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention [...]


Protecting Your Tax Refund in a Washington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In the first few months of any given tax year, families across Washington eagerly wait for their tax refund checks to come back in the mail. For many Washington families, the whole refund process is really used as a savings device to get the money together to cover large out of pocket expenses that cannot [...]


Guidelines for Individual Bankruptcy in Washington

Filing for bankruptcy typically follows the laws set up by federal laws, and most states have their own specific rules linked to the federal bankruptcy laws. Those wanting to declare themselves bankrupt in the state of Washington ought to meet with a bankruptcy attorney experienced not only in the bankruptcy process but one who is [...]


Refiling a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case in Oregon or Washington

Refiling a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case in Oregon or Washington After a Failed Means Test In both Oregon and Washington, there are normally penalties for filing subsequent bankruptcy cases within one year after a prior case has been dismissed. The main penalty is that the automatic stay, which bars creditors from initiating or continuing [...]


The Vancouver, Washington Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Creditors Meeting

People are often nervous about the Vancouver, Washington Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Meeting of the Creditors. The real source of this anxiety is that they have no idea what to expect. In Washington, each Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition Filer must attend the Meeting of the Creditors or their bankruptcy will be dismissed.  You will want to verify [...]


Who is the Vancouver Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee?

David Howe is the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee for Vancouver, Tacoma and all parts of Washington in between. Contact information for the Vancouver, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee is as follows:Office Hours:  7:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday Phone Number: Tacoma Office Main Number (253)572-6600   Tacoma Office [...]


Personal bankruptcies soar in financial crisis

Ifmounting credit card bills are threatening to pull you under, you may beconsidering bankruptcy as a way to hit the restart button.TheAmerican Bankruptcy Institute expects worsening economic conditions to drive upthe number of consumer filings this year to their highest level since stricterbankruptcy terms went into effect in 2005.Themore than 880,000 filings through October have [...]