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Buying a Home After a Bankruptcy Proceeding

Many people in dire fiscal trouble may be unwilling to declare themselves bankrupt, based on the perception that it will be nearly impossible to buy a house after filing for bankruptcy. It may be tougher to find a lender ready to take a chance on you, and the interest rates may be higher. But, it [...]


Guidelines for Individual Bankruptcy in Washington

Filing for bankruptcy typically follows the laws set up by federal laws, and most states have their own specific rules linked to the federal bankruptcy laws. Those wanting to declare themselves bankrupt in the state of Washington ought to meet with a bankruptcy attorney experienced not only in the bankruptcy process but one who is [...]


Bankruptcy Legislation and Procedures For The State Of Oregon

There are several regulations involving bankruptcy court and if you're considering filing for bankruptcy, it may be prudent to talk to a bankruptcy legal representative. There are many forms to put together and federal bankruptcy courts have precise procedures which must be followed for a bankruptcy filing to get accepted by the judge. Contrary to [...]


Utilizing Consumer Debt Relief To Help You Get Out Of Debt

Throughout tough economic times most people find themselves struggling with debt and don't often want to file for bankruptcy. Hence, instead they search out aid through debt relief. There can be a couple of ways families can reorganize their debt so as to pay them down with terms that better compliment your budget. But, what [...]


Employment and Declaring Bankruptcy

It is usually terribly troublesome to decide to file for individual bankruptcy, but your employment status will truly figure out what sort you can file for. In combination with employment identifying what you'll end up eligible to file for, many bosses are also reluctant to hire people who have filed in the past, which will [...]


Repairing Your Credit after an Oregon Bankruptcy

While bankruptcy is a good idea for many people, it's vital to know the advantages and disadvantages before you declare bankruptcy. Oregon bankruptcy attorneys will help you by explaining what exactly steps to take, what requirements are for filing and if you qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Typically the most popular is Chapter [...]


Is Personal Bankruptcy Your Only Option?

Those people who are facing financial crisis due to lots of debt can undergo a legal process known as bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy could help you get a financial new beginning. However, if you decide to seek bankruptcy relief you should fully understand the consequences. While you can do the process yourself it is much [...]