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Consider Federal Bankruptcy Regulations and Rules Before Filing

The process of bankruptcy provides you a second opportunity to straighten out your financial future. When thinking about filing for bankruptcy, remember that irrespective of where you live your filing will need to meet the federal bankruptcy rules and regulations since bankruptcy is addressed through the federal courts in the jurisdiction in which you live. [...]


If You're Filing Bankruptcy in Oregon, It Is Advisable To Retain An Attorney

When you're thinking of filing for bankruptcy, it's actually a very big decision. In truth, you shouldn't move ahead into individual bankruptcy unless you've researched each and every option beforehand. If you are contemplating declaring bankruptcy, there are various things to consider. The first decision you should make is whether or not you file Chapter [...]


Can I Eliminate My Tax Debt In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In both Oregon and Washington, you can get rid of any tax debt in a chapter 7 bankruptcy provided that all of the following conditions are fulfilled: 1. The tax debt is not owed due to wilfull evasion or fraud. If you filed a fraudulent tax return or otherwise willfully attempted to evade paying taxes, [...]


New Chapter 13 Debt Limits

Currently the maximum debt limits for Chapter 13 are  $1,010,650 in secured debt, and $336,900 in unsecured debt.  On April 1, 2010, those debt limits will likely increase to $1,081,500 for secured debt, and $360,525 in secured debt.  While these increases are not exactly exponential,  these days every little bit helps. Handing bankruptcy issues can [...]


Filing Bankruptcy and Keeping Your Tax Refund

Your ability to keep your tax refund while filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may largely hinge on whether qualify for the Oregon or Washington Bankruptcy exemptions. This is so because there is no exemption in the state of Oregon that allows you to keep your much of your refund; whereas, in Washington there is an [...]


Finding Your Creditors Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

Debtors across both Oregon and Washington often wonder how they will possibly discover all their creditors prior to filing bankruptcy. Luckily, Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act,  you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report each year.While it is possible to access your credit report online, many  credit reporting companies [...]


Getting Ready to File Bankruptcy

Steps to Take Before Filing A Bankruptcy In Oregon or WashingtonDo your best to limit the the amount of purchase activity in the ninety days prior to the actual filing of your case. Stop using all of your credit cards today. If you have made big purchases, executed balance transfers or taken cash advances in [...]


Payday Loans Cause Bankruptcy?

Payday loans are hazerdous to your financial health: People who take out payday loans are nearly eight times more likely to file bankruptcy than those who don't.  Yet each year eleven million American families take out payday loans often at a 500% yearly interest rate.Not suprisingly a clear correlation between payday loans and bankruptcy has [...]


Creditors Showing Up at My Hearing?

In both Oregon and Washington, clients are always at least a little bit nervous regarding the one hearing that they have to attend while their bankruptcy case is pending. That hearing, commonly known as the 341 hearing or meeting of the creditors, generally takes place a month after the case is filed. Often clients lose [...]


Emergencies During Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What happens when you cannot make your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy payments to the Portland or Vancouver Trustee due to one time only expense or unanticipated bill?  What do you do when, say, a car breaks down, your heating goes out, or when you or your spouse miss work due to a temporary illness or injury?The [...]