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Can I Take Out Credit While I My Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is Pending?

In Oregon, the Confirmation Order signed by the Bankruptcy Judge approving your Chapter 13 Plan, specifies that you should not incur any credit obligations during the life of your plan without the Trustee's written consent. The only times you can buy on credit without the Trustee's written approval would be in an emergency(as you can imagine this is interpreted pretty narrowly) and [...]


What is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan?

The Bankruptcy Code mandates that every Chapter 13  bankruptcy filing include a plan. In essence, a Plan is a summary sent to your creditors that lets them know how much you intend to repay and how long you are going to take to do it. If you have filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and you don’t [...]


Oregon Bankruptcy and Keeping Tax Refunds

This is the time of year when families across both Oregon and Washington are eagerly awaiting tax refunds. It is also a time when many of these same families are considering seeking the protection of the Bankruptcy Court. Unfortunately these goals, keeping the refund and getting bankruptcy protection, are often at odds in the state [...]


I Missed My Mortgage Payments During My Chapter 13

 The most immediate result of missing your mortgage payment during your Oregon Chapter 13 is the filing of a Motion For Relief From Stay by your lender's attorney.  A Motion For Relief From Stay, if granted by the Portland Bankruptcy Court, enables your lender to foreclose on the property during your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy because of [...]


What do I need to provide the Portland Chapter 13 Trustee prior to my hearing?

No later than two weeks before your Portland Chapter 13 Creditors Meeting, the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee requires  the following items: 1.) Any documents showing the last sixty days worth of income including pay stubs, 401k distributions, documentation of unemployment, pension payments and so on.2.) Your most recent filed federal and state tax returns.3.) Bank statements showing any [...]


What if I Miss the Portland Chapter 13 Creditors Meeting?

If you miss the Chapter 13 Creditors Meeting in Portland, you should immediately contact your Bankruptcy attorney. Depending on the circumstances, your Bankruptcy Attorney may be able to file a Motion to Adjourn the Creditors Meeting in order to reschedule the meeting. If the motion is denied, you can refile your bankruptcy case. The Northwest Debt [...]


When Do I Stop Paying the Portland Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee?

You or, more likely, your employer should keep making payments until the Portland Chapter 13 Trustee specifically requests that the payments cease. The Trustee will inform your employer directly when the payroll deductions are no longer required and should cease.Depending on whether your income places you below or above Oregon's median income level, you may [...]


Where is the Portland Chapter 13 Creditors Meeting Held?

The Chapter 13 Meeting of the Creditors is held at the Wells Fargo Tower at the Chapter 13 Trustee's Office, 1300 S.W. Fifth Avenue, Suite 1700, Portland, Oregon 97201. Finding parking on the Street for your hearing may be difficult. Paid Parking is of course plentiful and can even be found under the building for [...]