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When Do I Stop Making payments in My Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Sometimes it's hard to tell when you should stop making payments in your Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Many attorneys, including myself, will often have to tell clients that their plans will last for at least 36 but might go as long as 60 months. The question then becomes how will I know when to stop [...]


Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Taking Out Credit

Once your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan is approved by the Oregon Bankruptcy Court, a Confirmation Order is entered.  Among other things, the Confirmation Order bars you from taking on any credit obligations during the pendency of your case without the Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee's written approval. There are only two exceptions to obtaining prior [...]


Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Oregon and the Plan

In Oregon every Chapter 13 bankruptcy must have a plan. In essence, the plan is really a summary distributed to your creditors that lets them know how you intend to take care of your debt issues. Once your plan is approved, the Oregon Bankruptcy Court will regard your Chapter 13 plan as a contract between [...]


My Income Has Gone Up in My Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The confirmation order entered in every Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy requires you to report to the Trustee if your actual or projected gross income increases by ten percent. The income figures included in Schedule I of your Bankruptcy Schedules filed with the Oregon Bankruptcy Court before confirmation serves as the baseline for determining whether there [...]


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Hardship Discharge in Oregon

Often Oregon debtors in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will hit a rough spot during their case and  request a hardship discharge rather than seek conversion to Chapter 7.  Conversion and hardship discharge are not one in the same. There are specific requirements that must be met before you can even be considered for a hardship [...]


To Modify a Mortgage, File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Both in Oregon

You never want to put all your eggs in one basket, but for many Oregonians  behind on their mortgages, it sometimes feels like they don’t have any choice.  Do they  put all my effort into modifying their mortgages, or do they  file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the lender from either initiating or completing the [...]


Keeping the Hummer in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Until very recently Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees in both Oregon and Washington would often object to Chapter 13 plans containing proposals to pay off "luxury items," such as RVs, boats, high end motorcycles and the like in full while paying little or nothing to unsecured creditors. Trustees would describe such such plans as being made [...]


Hardship Discharge in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In the years after a Chapter 13 Plan is confirmed, circumstances, such as job loss, disability and long term illness, may arise that conspire to keep a debtor from completing the Chapter 13 Plan. When such situations arise, the debtor may request that the court to grant a "hardship discharge.” rather than force the debtor [...]


Where in Salem is My Bankruptcy Hearing Held?

Due to the installation of a new HVAC system in the Marion County Courthouse. The location for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Meetings of the Creditors will now be conducted at the following location: Red Lion Hotel Willamette Room, 2nd Floor 3301 Market Street NE Salem, OR 97301 Parking is bountiful and free. Meetings of the [...]