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Oregon Bankruptcy Access

According to a new study, the 2005 revisions to the bankruptcy code may be keeping financially struggling Oregonians out of bankruptcy court, but it hasn’t helped them with their financial suffering. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act which was largely created to make bankruptcy less accessible may have obliterated access to a fresh [...]


What is a Challenge to Garnishment in Oregon and How Do I File It?

In Oregon, if a judgement has been entered against you and you have not filed  bankruptcy, the judgement creditor can garnish your bank account. Once your bank account is garnished, you will receive a challenge to garnishment form which is sometimes also referred to as a Claim of Exemption. Once you receive it,  you will [...]


Bankruptcy Relief For Eviction in Oregon and Washington

For many consumers in both Oregon and Washington, an upcoming eviction often represents the last straw in coping with creditors prior to filing bankruptcy. Thankfully a bankruptcy filing will stop a residential eviction for non-payment of rent in its tracks If the landlord does not already have a judgment against a tenant before the bankruptcy [...]


United States Trustee Ends Random Audits For Oregon and Washington Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

Due to severe budgetary constraints, the United States Trustee is no longer designating bankruptcy cases for random audits. Bankruptcy attorneys across both Oregon and Washington who had to cope with the burdensome audit requirements aslong with their clients are now breathing a heavy sigh of relief Ever since the enactment of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention [...]


Buying a Home After a Bankruptcy Proceeding

Many people in dire fiscal trouble may be unwilling to declare themselves bankrupt, based on the perception that it will be nearly impossible to buy a house after filing for bankruptcy. It may be tougher to find a lender ready to take a chance on you, and the interest rates may be higher. But, it [...]


Divorce Proceedings and Personal Bankruptcy

Finances are unquestionably the cause of many marital problems, but for many couples, claiming personal bankruptcy before divorcing will help them get their financial life back in order. For many of us there remains a poor stigma about bankruptcy, but if financial issues are part of the dissension inside their partnership, personal bankruptcy can certainly [...]


Largest Privately Held Oregon Company on Cusp of Bankruptcy

After failing to sell bonds required for a rescue deal, Jeld-Wen Inc., Oregon's largest privately held company, is now on the cusp of bankruptcy. A window-and-door maker, based in Kalamath Falls, employing 2,500 in Oregon, Jeld-Wen has shut down plants, liquidated assets, cut spending and laid off workers in the wake of a downturn stemming [...]


Understanding the New Bankruptcy Laws and Regulations

Although it is possible for you to steer your way through individual bankruptcy without legal help, it's not always the best idea. People considering declaring bankruptcy will be much better served by contacting a qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney, who is trained in the new laws connected with federal bankruptcy. As times change and the [...]


Oregon Judgment Liens in Bankruptcy

A court typically orders the payment of money from one person to another. But the person who owes the money doesn't always pay up. A judgment lien is one way to ensure that the judgment creditor gets paid. A judgment lien gives the creditor the right to be paid a certain amount of money from [...]