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Getting Ready to File Bankruptcy

Steps to Take Before Filing A Bankruptcy In Oregon or WashingtonDo your best to limit the the amount of purchase activity in the ninety days prior to the actual filing of your case. Stop using all of your credit cards today. If you have made big purchases, executed balance transfers or taken cash advances in [...]


HOA Fees and Bankruptcy

In both Oregon and Washington, a bankruptcy filing discharges any homeowner's fees that accrued before the bankruptcy case is filed. The discharge does not release the homeowner for fees for months after the case is filed, for so long as the debtor owns or occupies the condo. Because the homeowner is liable for post-file fees, [...]


Vancouver, Washington Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee Information Sheet

If you file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition in Washington and your hearing is set for Vancouver, Washington will want you to complete and submit a Trustee Information Sheet to your Bankruptcy attorney. Failure to complete the Washington Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee Information Sheet may result in your hearing being continued to a later date. You do [...]