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Multnomah County Suing Mortgage Monster

Multnomah County is suing a rogue's gallery of the largest mortgage players including B of A, Wells Fargo, Oregon's Bank of the Cascades, Chase, Citi, and West Coast Bank for nearly forty million dollars. The focus of the lawsuit The suit focuses on the mortgage-backed securities system that nearly wrecked the lives of families across [...]


Foreclosure Settlement for Oregon and Washington

Due to a massive federal settlement regarding foreclosure abuse, checks for 4.2 million mortgage borrowers, thousands of them in Oregon and Washington, will soon be in the mail. In most cases the checks will only go a small way towards repairing the harms suffered to date. The agreement stems from a federal investigation of the [...]


Oregon and Washington Foreclosure – Are Things Looking Up a LIttle Bit?

In January, 2012, 433 Oregon homes were slated for foreclosure. Though the number seems high, it represents a forty month low and a forty-five percent reduction from the same period last year. In Washington, January foreclosure filings declined by sixty percent from this same period a year ago. Though foreclosures are declining in both Washington [...]


Seeking Out Foreclosure Help Via Personal Bankruptcy

Are you presently facing real estate foreclosure due to your high amount of debt? If that's so, Chapter 7 bankruptcy could actually help you postpone the foreclosure. On top of that, it may be possible to even save your residence and avoid foreclosure entirely under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Those people who are far behind [...]


Seek Professional Help

Your lender is now foreclosing your home.  What's the first step?   Do you file for bankruptcy?  Do you defend the foreclosure action? Do you look ask for a modification or contact the workout departent of your lender?All of the above are valid ways to confront a mortgage default.  There are any number of reasons why [...]


A Win-Win Bankruptcy Reform – By Rich Leonard

A Win-Win Bankruptcy Reform By Rich Leonard  I watched a middle-aged widow lose her home recently. Her story was familiar. She owned her simple brick residence outright until four years ago, when a mortgage broker stopped by and offered her a loan too good to be true. In exchange for taking on a modest monthly payment, [...]


Mortgage Modification Tools

 HOPE for Homeowners plan This FHA program, which took effect Oct. 1, encourages lenders to forgive some of the debt of their borrowers so they can refinance into an FHA-insured loan. It is expected to help 400,000 homeowners.TO QUALIFY: Borrowers do not have to be delinquent on their mortgage. However, they must be spending at least [...]


Foreclosure Rescue Scams

The Federal Trade Commission published an excellent brochure on foreclosure rescue smam artists. The article below is culled from their materials.The possibility of losing your home to foreclosure can be terrifying. The reality that scam artists are preying on the vulnerability of desperate homeowners is equally frightening. Many so-called foreclosure rescue companies or foreclosure assistance [...]