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fair debt collection practices act

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Collector is Contacting Me But I Hired An Attorney

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a debt collector is specifically barred from contacting a consumer where the debt collector knows that the consumer is represented by an attorney with respect to the debt and can reasonably ascertain the attorney's contact information unless the attorney fails to respond within a reasonable period of time [...]


Consumer and Business Debts and the FDCPA

Not all debts are covered by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Consumer debts are the only debts that fall within the ambit of the Act. Though a collector may violate Washington or Oregon state collections laws by engaging in collections activity that would normally violate the FDCPA, if the debt itself is commercial rather [...]


Asset Acceptance Fined for Illegal Collections Activity

The FTC recently imposed the second-steepest penalty ever imposed on a debt collector. According to the New York Times, Asset Acceptance, one of the largest collection companies in the country, recently agreed to pay a 2.5 million penalty to settle charges that company deceived consumers in the process of trying to collect debts. I suppose [...]


Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act places severe limits as to when and how debt collectors can contact you. A "debt collector" is a third party, such as a collections agency, that tries to collect money owed to someone else. It is very important to remember that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act only places [...]