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Divorce Proceedings and Personal Bankruptcy

Finances are unquestionably the cause of many marital problems, but for many couples, claiming personal bankruptcy before divorcing will help them get their financial life back in order. For many of us there remains a poor stigma about bankruptcy, but if financial issues are part of the dissension inside their partnership, personal bankruptcy can certainly [...]


Bankruptcy and Divorce Proceedings

Though you can get divorced whenever you want, it often makes sense to wait until a divorce is completed before filing for bankruptcy. Issues regarding property ownership and responsibilities for personal debt will often be cleared up in the divorce. If you decide to file for divorce in the midst of a chapter 7 case, [...]


Bankruptcy and a Pending Domestic Relations Proceeding

Nearly all pending domestic relations proceedings continue on after a bankruptcy petition has been filed. While a bankruptcy filing will stop a normal collections action in its tracks, the automatic stay does not freeze a divorce or custody proceeding. Domestic relations proceedings that continue on after the filing of a bankruptcy include the following: Proceedings [...]