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Steps for Rebuilding Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

When it comes to rebuilding a credit score after filing bankruptcy, the truth is that you have already taken the most important step. After all, the ever more burdensome dead weight on your score, the barrier to you ever obtaining a decent score has now been removed permanently. If you want to really want to [...]


Credit Reports Now Reflecting Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy More Accurately.

In recent years, as credit ratings and credit report information have become so important to everyone, cleaning up the credit report has become one of the most cited motives for filing bankruptcy. Unfortunately credit reporting agencies have often moved at a snails pace when it came to correctly reflecting debts as discharged in bankruptcy rather [...]


Finding Your Creditors Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

Debtors across both Oregon and Washington often wonder how they will possibly discover all their creditors prior to filing bankruptcy. Luckily, Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act,  you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report each year.While it is possible to access your credit report online, many  credit reporting companies [...]


Bankruptcy and Your Credit Report

 The Bankruptcy Court has no jurisdiction over credit reporting agencies. The bankruptcy petition, schedules and plan are public documents and are available to the general public at the Clerk’s Office. Credit reporting agencies regularly collect information from the petitions filed and report the information on their credit reporting services. Under the provisions of the Fair [...]


Your Credit Rights

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the credit laws that protect your right to get, use and maintain credit. Much of the text below was taken from an article published on their web site. A good credit rating is very important. Businesses inspect your credit history when they evaluate your applications for credit, insurance, [...]