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Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Taking Out Credit

Once your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan is approved by the Oregon Bankruptcy Court, a Confirmation Order is entered.  Among other things, the Confirmation Order bars you from taking on any credit obligations during the pendency of your case without the Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee's written approval. There are only two exceptions to obtaining prior [...]


Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Oregon and the Plan

In Oregon every Chapter 13 bankruptcy must have a plan. In essence, the plan is really a summary distributed to your creditors that lets them know how you intend to take care of your debt issues. Once your plan is approved, the Oregon Bankruptcy Court will regard your Chapter 13 plan as a contract between [...]


New Study on Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Economists with the National Bureau of Economic Research recently examined a half million bankruptcy filings in the United States in order to evaluate the effect of bankruptcy laws on consumers. They have confirmed what many consumers in Washington and Oregon have long suspected. Namely that the bankruptcy code is an incredibly effective social insurance policy. [...]


Buying a Car Before Filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Washington

In the state of Washington, your Chapter 13 Plan Payment may be largely dictated by how you fare on the Means Test. In simplest form, the completion of the Means Test calculation determines how much you can afford to pay back to your unsecured creditors. This number is derived by taking a six month total [...]