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New Credit Counseling Class Certificate Provider

Since the enactment of the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act in 2005, bankruptcy filers have been forced to obtain a credit counseling certificate prior to filing their petitions with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. It has been nearly seven years and a thousand clients later and I have yet to hear of anyone getting anything [...]


Economic Downslide Pushing More Towards Bankruptcy

The sputtering economy continues to drag more Americans into bankruptcy. Indeed, the number of troubled consumers filing for protection rose in March to its highest level since October 2005. As job losses continue to mount, they may well drag bankruptcy filings along with them.An average of nearly six thousand bankruptcy cases were filed every day [...]


A Win-Win Bankruptcy Reform – By Rich Leonard

A Win-Win Bankruptcy Reform By Rich Leonard  I watched a middle-aged widow lose her home recently. Her story was familiar. She owned her simple brick residence outright until four years ago, when a mortgage broker stopped by and offered her a loan too good to be true. In exchange for taking on a modest monthly payment, [...]


Obama and Bankruptcy Reform

In Powder Springs, Ga., today, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will propose "changing bankruptcy laws to 'fast-track' the process for military families, help seniors keep their homes, and protect people recovering from natural disasters," the Associated Press writes.  Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton has sent reporters this summary of what his boss will be suggesting:  • Reform [...]