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Can I Take Out Credit While I My Oregon Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is Pending?

In Oregon, the Confirmation Order signed by the Bankruptcy Judge approving your Chapter 13 Plan, specifies that you should not incur any credit obligations during the life of your plan without the Trustee's written consent. The only times you can buy on credit without the Trustee's written approval would be in an emergency(as you can imagine this is interpreted pretty narrowly) and [...]


Understanding the New Bankruptcy Laws and Regulations

Although it is possible for you to steer your way through individual bankruptcy without legal help, it's not always the best idea. People considering declaring bankruptcy will be much better served by contacting a qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney, who is trained in the new laws connected with federal bankruptcy. As times change and the [...]


Understanding The Personal Bankruptcy Fundamentals

If you're having problems managing payments or expenses of any sort and are contemplating declaring bankruptcy, you will need to understand the basic principles of bankruptcy. When you study bankruptcy options and start to understand what bankruptcy is about, the data you gather can help you make your decision. Even though it's a good idea [...]


Bankruptcy Legislation and Procedures For The State Of Oregon

There are several regulations involving bankruptcy court and if you're considering filing for bankruptcy, it may be prudent to talk to a bankruptcy legal representative. There are many forms to put together and federal bankruptcy courts have precise procedures which must be followed for a bankruptcy filing to get accepted by the judge. Contrary to [...]


Can I add a Creditor after my Bankruptcy Case has been Filed?

You can add a creditor to you bankruptcy, but it is imperative that you get the information regarding that creditor (name, address, approximate amount owed and if at all possible the account number) to your attorney as quickly as possible. Though adding an additional creditor will result in a small court imposed filing fee and [...]


Can I Reduce My Car Payment in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

In both Oregon and Washington, you can under certain circumstances reduce the amount that you have to pay back to your car lender by filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This can obviously represent a huge savings to many debtors in the Vancouver and Portland metro areas.Generally speaking, as long as the car loan is at [...]


Do Not Miss any Payments to the Portland Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee

You must not miss any payments to the Portland Chapter 13 Trustee unless it is permitted by the bankruptcy judge. When you file your Chapter 13, your creditors are prohibited from taking any action against you. In exchange for that protection, you must complete all your obligations under the plan.Your principal obligation is making your [...]


Listing Creditors in Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition

You are required by law to list all of your debts and possessions in your bankruptcy papers. The petition you signed, under penalty of perjury, says that you have done so. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t pick and choose who gets listed.  If you forgot to list some of your property it could cause [...]