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New Credit Counseling Class Certificate Provider

Since the enactment of the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act in 2005, bankruptcy filers have been forced to obtain a credit counseling certificate prior to filing their petitions with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. It has been nearly seven years and a thousand clients later and I have yet to hear of anyone getting anything [...]


Guidelines for Individual Bankruptcy in Washington

Filing for bankruptcy typically follows the laws set up by federal laws, and most states have their own specific rules linked to the federal bankruptcy laws. Those wanting to declare themselves bankrupt in the state of Washington ought to meet with a bankruptcy attorney experienced not only in the bankruptcy process but one who is [...]


Can You File Bankruptcy On Child Support?

Bankruptcy and child support debt are complicated subjects to tackle. Certain types of bankruptcy allows debts to be wiped out. Nonetheless, there are specific debts which are not dischargeable under federal personal bankruptcy laws and included in this are debts for child support. Though child support payments are demanded by state-level courts, commonly throughout the [...]


Documents To Organize and Prepare for Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you are working with a bankruptcy attorney, you should make sure all of the documentation they request is finished in an accurate and timely manner. After your initial meeting with the lawyer, they will present you with a wealth of papers you will need to fill out. You must fill out all of the [...]


Differences Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Making the decision to file for individual bankruptcy is a challenging one and almost as challenging is asking what kind of bankruptcy you ought to file before visiting a bankruptcy lawyer. Usually, the sort of bankruptcy you apply for will be based on whether you've got a job or not and whether the job you [...]


Consider Federal Bankruptcy Regulations and Rules Before Filing

The process of bankruptcy provides you a second opportunity to straighten out your financial future. When thinking about filing for bankruptcy, remember that irrespective of where you live your filing will need to meet the federal bankruptcy rules and regulations since bankruptcy is addressed through the federal courts in the jurisdiction in which you live. [...]


Personal Bankruptcy Education Courses Essential for Filing

When you elect to file for individual bankruptcy, it's vital to realize it's not at all a quick process. Generally, there's a long list of things it's essential to do before you can file. Generally, if you want to file for bankruptcy, it is necessary to take credit counseling courses so you're able to understand [...]


If You're Filing Bankruptcy in Oregon, It Is Advisable To Retain An Attorney

When you're thinking of filing for bankruptcy, it's actually a very big decision. In truth, you shouldn't move ahead into individual bankruptcy unless you've researched each and every option beforehand. If you are contemplating declaring bankruptcy, there are various things to consider. The first decision you should make is whether or not you file Chapter [...]


Utilizing Consumer Debt Relief To Help You Get Out Of Debt

Throughout tough economic times most people find themselves struggling with debt and don't often want to file for bankruptcy. Hence, instead they search out aid through debt relief. There can be a couple of ways families can reorganize their debt so as to pay them down with terms that better compliment your budget. But, what [...]


Employment and Declaring Bankruptcy

It is usually terribly troublesome to decide to file for individual bankruptcy, but your employment status will truly figure out what sort you can file for. In combination with employment identifying what you'll end up eligible to file for, many bosses are also reluctant to hire people who have filed in the past, which will [...]