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The Emotional Effects of Individual Bankruptcy

It's really a challenging decision to file for personal bankruptcy, due to the stigma the process has always held. Today, because of common nature of declaring bankruptcy in the wake of a challenging economy, the choice is becoming easier to make. With several new rules set up on who can file, and the style [...]


Top Five Great Reasons to Consider Filing for Bankruptcy

Loss of job or serious illness can wreak mayhem on a household's income and at some point in time you might want to look at speaking to an individual bankruptcy lawyer. Although almost any person can try to file bankruptcy, the option to do so can still be extremely challenging. In truth, it's a decision [...]


Getting Ready to File Bankruptcy

Steps to Take Before Filing A Bankruptcy In Oregon or WashingtonDo your best to limit the the amount of purchase activity in the ninety days prior to the actual filing of your case. Stop using all of your credit cards today. If you have made big purchases, executed balance transfers or taken cash advances in [...]


Bank Accounts and Your Bankruptcy

Clients often worry about whether they will be able to open or even keep bank accounts while their bankruptcy is pending, or even after their bankruptcy is closed.  In both Washington and Oregon, there are no bankruptcy laws that would prevent you from opening or keeping a bank account.  There may, however, be some issues [...]