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If you have any difficulty finding us, please feel free to contact the Tacoma Bankruptcy Law Office receptionist at 253-780-8008 for directions.

1201 Pacific Avenue Suite 600 Tacoma, WA 98402

1201 Pacific Avenue Suite 600
Tacoma, WA 98402

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We have bankruptcy law offices in both Tacoma and Seattle

Pay Most of Your Fees After Filing

Northwest Debt Relief is likely the only law firm in Tacoma  that actually allows you to pay most of your attorney and filing fees in monthly installments after your case is filed and after you are fully under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court! Stop garnishments and debt collector calls immediately instead of needlessly waiting around for months on end. Other Tacoma Bankruptcy firms offer “installment plans” where they don’t file a thing until your case is completely paid off. We offer the real thing.

Free Help Cleaning Up Your Credit After Your Bankruptcy is Done

About two years ago, we finally realized that our clients were not filing bankruptcy in order to eliminate debt but to really get back in the financial mainstream. We decided at that time to really take a holistic approach to bankruptcy.  We realized our clients don’t just want to stop the financial bleeding, they want to participate economically just like anyone else. To that end, we hired a company to help all our clients with lessons and materials to help them really achieve a meaningful fresh start. This service is offered at no additional charge.

Directions | Bankruptcy Attorney Tacoma WA

1201 Pacific Avenue, Suite 600, Tacoma, Washington, 98402

Our Bankruptcy Law Office  is located in the prestigious Wells Fargo building in downtown Tacoma. The closeness of the I-705 and SR-509 freeways make the bankruptcy law office location convenient for Pierce County clients.

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