Times are hard in both the Seattle and Tacoma metro areas and we know it. Every day we talk to people just like you who are coming to terms with Washington’s new economic reality. More and more, I talk to people who cannot afford the large “up front” fees that are often required to go bankrupt.

With this reality in mind, we offer bankruptcy clients in both the Seattle and Tacoma metro areas, the opportunity to pay most of their attorney fees and all of their bankruptcy court fees after their cases are filed and, more importantly, after they are safely under the protection of the bankruptcy court.

Specifically we offer anyone in King or Pierce County, the opportunity to pay a total of $500 to get their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case filed with the Court. After the case is filed, we file paperwork for the court that enables our bankruptcy clients to pay their $299 filing fee to the court over the course of a two month period. After, our clients are finished paying the $299 filing fee to the court, they can pay the remaining $800 in attorney fees over the course of a five month period in five monthly payments of $160.00

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