The elimination of debt through bankruptcy is probably the greatest step any consumer can take towards obtaining financial freedom. For most of our Oregon and Washington bankruptcy clients, eliminating the debts is only part of the process. While none of our clients are hellbent on obtaining another credit card, most of them have very realistic concerns about their credit scores and reports. Everyone, myself included, wants to put themselves in the best possible position to be able to get a mortgage a couple years down the line or not have their credit score be a concern during the interview process.

These credit concerns have made us re-evaluate the product that we offer. We now offer tools for rebuilding credit after bankruptcy. I am really proud to say that we now stand out from other bankruptcy firms in Washington and Oregon in that I believe that we are the only firm that is taking real action in helping its clients obtain financial freedom rather than just eliminating the debts.

To that end, we taken to major steps. First, we have hired a company with a proven track record to provide credit repair education to our clients. Once you have obtained a discharge in bankruptcy, we offer this service free of charge to all our clients. As a result, I believe that I can truthfully say that you will probably have a higher credit score in two years after filing bankruptcy with our firm than if you choose another. Second, we have begun to seriously promote the practice of taking active steps six months out from bankruptcy discharge to ensure that our Washington and Oregon bankruptcy clients’ credit reports accurately reflect all their debts as discharged.

The first step towards cleaning up your credit report is obtaining a copy of your credit report six months after your bankruptcy discharge and then sending a copy of it on to me. The first step towards rebuilding your credit score is requesting a login and password for our credit repair education classes so that we can get your started.

If you have filed bankruptcy with our firm and haven’t begun the process of getting your credit report cleaned up and rebuilding your credit score make sure to contact us today. We would be more than happy to help.