When it comes to listing your creditors for inclusion on your bankruptcy schedules, you should provide the contact addresses provided by any creditors that have contacted you at least twice in the last ninety days. With respect to creditors that have not contacted you in the last ninety days, you would want to provide the contact addresses that the creditor used in its last two communications.

You should certainly provide the names and addresses of any third party collectors that have had any contact with you at all and disclose the identities of the original debts.

Though there is nothing wrong with listing to-the penny amounts owed for all your creditors, the reality is that the amounts will become outdated as soon as they are written down. Just come up with the best numbers that you can.

Finally, it is vitally important that you make sure that your attorney understands which of your debts are potentially attached to real or personal property. Most people are quick to note which loans are attached to houses or homes, but what about tire or computer loans. Is that Dell credit card really just a credit card? Here full disclosure is the only way to go.